Climate protection is important to 80%* of German business travelers! We show a simple way to get started.

Climate neutrality has become an increasingly pressing issue in recent years. No wonder: global warming is the biggest challenge of the 21st century! Companies in particular contribute to CO2 emissions through travel and production. That's why it's time for companies to take action against climate change.

CO2 compensation as a company - the beginning is always the hardest

To become CO2-neutral, a company must first measure the CO2 emissions it produces. Then, CO2 emissions should be gradually reduced or, ideally, avoided altogether. The unavoidable emissions can be offset with a climate protection project.

For companies, there are many different factors to consider when measuring CO2 emissions. Emissions can vary greatly depending on the area concerned, such as processing, manufacturing or even travel. 

Compensating unavoidable emissions is another challenge because there is an almost inexhaustible number of climate protection projects companies can select: from planting trees, to treating drinking water, or generating energy from photovoltaic systems.

Companies view this as a large and complex undertaking, and they often don’t know where to start. This is one of the reasons why many companies have not yet addressed climate protection in their own operations. This is a great pity, because technical innovations are emerging all the time, offering new ways to fight climate change.

pliant offers the first corporate credit card platform to enable CO2-neutral travel at no costs

Our new pliant earth feature allows your company to estimate its travel-related CO2 emissions and purchase CO2 compensations from certified providers at no additional cost. The compensation is financed with the cashback your company earns with every transaction.

This service from pliant is only possible thanks to innovative technology. Normally, banks use the revenues generated from credit cards to finance accounts, branch networks, or internal manual processes. At pliant, many internal processes are fully automated and do not need to be financed with credit card revenues. That is why pliant can offer the highest cashback on the market. 

When pliant earth is activated, cashback is automatically invested in certified climate protection projects. This means, the harmful emissions are automatically paid for by the polluters - for example, by the airline you use for your business trip.

And this is how sustainable travel works with pliant

  1. Your company pays its travel expenses with pliant credit cards.
  2. pliant estimates the CO2 emissions for all those expenses.
  3. pliant compensates those CO2 emissions with the cashback free of charge in cooperation with certified climate protection projects.

By the way: We only invest the available cashback automatically up to CO2 neutrality. If, for example, your company has high marketing expenses and limited travel, the majority of your cashback will remain available for payout. However, we also provide the possibility to manually compensate beyond neutrality any time. 

How to make a trip from Berlin to Munich climate neutral with pliant

But how exactly do you offset the CO2 emissions of your business trip? Imagine you travel by plane from Berlin to Munich, take a taxi from the airport, and stay three nights in a 4-star hotel. In this case, pliant measures and neutralizes your CO2 emissions as follows:

Flight route (roundtrip) 1010 km x 0,17147 kg CO2 / km* = 173,18 kg CO2
+ Taxi ride (roundtrip) 74 km x 0,23 kg CO2 / km* = 17,02 kg CO2
+ 3 overnight stay 3 x 18,5 kg CO2 / nights ** = 55,50 kg CO2
= Overall CO2 emissions 245,70 kg CO2

Assuming a CO2 price of 15€ per ton, the compensation of this trip would cost 3.71€. If the total travel costs amount to e.g. 500€, the 3.71€ will be completely compensated by the cashback and there will even be something left over. With the help of pliant earth, your business travel can become CO2-neutral immediately, free of charge.

Take the first step towards climate neutrality

The end of the Corona pandemic is in sight, which means travel with fewer restrictions will be possible again. This is the perfect time to get a pliant credit card account for your company and activate the pliant earth feature!

Not only will your company offset your carbon footprint when you travel, but it will also benefit from pliant's innovative technologies. With virtual card management, you can get your credit card at the touch of a button, create cards for individual employees quickly and easily, and get real-time reporting of your spending!

* according to[...]klimaschutz.pdf
** according to
*** according to

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