Digital agency diva-e ensures lean processes with virtual corporate credit cards from pliant

diva-e is a so-called Transactional Experience Partner (TXP) and one of the leading digital solution providers for companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The agency creates digital experiences for companies that delight end customers, accelerate the growth of companies, and simplify internal processes. Many well-known corporations such as Edeka, Volkswagen and PayPal trust diva-e's expertise.

Tilman Au has been CEO of the digital agency for around five years and was looking for a modern corporate credit card. But that wasn't as easy: After all, the agency comprises around 800 employees at 12 locations throughout Germany. That means widely ramified corporate structures that can't easily be changed abruptly with other systems and software solutions. But that's exactly what most traditional corporate credit card providers require.

Corporate credit cards from new and old providers are usually very inflexible

In his search for a suitable corporate credit card, the CEO initially turned to the offerings of traditional house banks, but unfortunately did not find what he was looking for. "I looked for virtual credit cards from traditional banks that you can quickly create online and assign to employees. But they don't offer such a model," reports Tilman Au of his initial unsuccessful research.

In addition, the newer providers are also quite inflexible when it comes to adjusting credit card limits, issuing cards to employees and, last but not least, integrating with existing software solutions. "I wanted a credit card that would adapt to our corporate structure and not introduce a new travel expense solution or something similar at the same time. But with traditional banks, it was the other way around: we were supposed to adapt to the credit card's software solutions and systems. But that's practically impossible to implement for us as a group," says Tilman Au.

Fast digital card allocation with pliant

Finally, Tilman Au learned about pliant's corporate credit cards after a tip from a business partner. After a short free trial period, the CEO opted for pliant's enterprise package and now benefits from virtual credit card allocation at the push of a button: "Now there are no longer a few selected people managing physical credit cards, but every employee who needs a credit card from time to time is now assigned his own virtual card with an individual limit using pliant," says Tilman Au.

This change has a decisive advantage: the virtual credit cards can now no longer be lost as easily as the physical cards of conventional banks. In addition, the CEO can look forward to further benefits: "When travel to Corona is possible again with fewer restrictions, I will receive free lounge access at airports in the future as a user of the black Visa Infinite business credit card."

pliant integrates seamlessly into existing business processes

The credit cards from pliant can be easily implemented in all common software solutions. "No matter whether we want to settle travel expenses, collect receipts or integrate the credit card into our accounting system: pliant adapts to our structures and needs. With pliant, there is no need to migrate to new systems, as is the case with many offerings from conventional banks," sums up Tilman Au with satisfaction.

Another plus point is that the cards from pliant are real credit cards. "In many cases, I have been offered debit or prepaid cards by banks and neo providers. The latter would have had to be loaded with money first before use. That would have been too much of a hassle for our company, given the number of credit cards we have to issue," says Tilman Au.

Large corporations benefit from pliant's flexible credit card solution

Do you and your employees still use traditional physical credit cards that do not fit into your corporate or group structure? If yes, you should test pliant's virtual credit cards free of charge and without obligation. The provider works with numerous partner integrations to make using credit cards in your company as easy as possible.

Book the free starter package from pliant today. This allows you to add up to 25 users, create up to 50 virtual credit cards and implement software integration. If the free version has convinced you, you can switch to pliant's premium or enterprise package with just one click.

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