How Sportissimi simplifies expense management with pliant's virtual credit card

Since 2015, Dennis Ramaty has been running the sportswear business Sportissimi Concept Store, which includes the Sportissimi Outlet in Frankfurt am Main and an online store. Interested athletes can find the necessary equipment for their individual sports program, from clothing to shoes. Sportissimi offers its customers an assortment of over 100,000 items - so the employees have to sift through new collections and shop for the latest creations every day in order to offer their customers the best possible selection. In addition to the purchases of goods, which are settled centrally, there are daily purchases for consumables, or services for the online store. For these, a credit card is increasingly required. Here Ramaty always used his private credit card. Since his "presence" and that of his credit card was required to carry out a transaction, there was a constant lack of flexibility and transaction speed.

One corporate credit card for all employees

Handing over the private credit card to an employee was out of the question, and not just for legal reasons. Misuse of the credit card would have been possible without further ado. In addition, the CEO would hardly have had an overview of which expenditures had been made with the credit card. "In addition, I would have had to chase the individual companies in order to receive a matching invoice for each expense," says Ramaty.

It would have been possible to order individual credit cards for employees so that they could at least have an overview of exactly what was being paid for and by whom. But the CEO refrained from doing so due to time constraints: "The effort was too high for me. I would have had to submit a written application to the bank for each employee. It takes about four weeks to process the application, send out the credit card, and activate it. That was too lengthy and too complicated for me," Ramaty explains. 

Virtual credit cards with a limit can be used immediately

The CEO wanted to be able to view his debits at any time and assign each employee his own credit card quickly and easily. He was also particularly annoyed by the fact that credit cards were only issued physically at his bank. "In the age of mobile payments, as is currently possible with Google or Apple Pay, surely there had to be an option for companies to use the company credit card exclusively in digital form," says Ramaty. After a brief online search, the CEO then came across pliant.

pliant is a fully digitalized corporate credit card whose card management can be accessed completely online. Founders and CEOs can view charges in real time and easily assign them to the respective employees. Spending limits of the individual credit cards can be changed flexibly. pliant works together with the worldwide known and renowned credit card system Visa. As a result, pliant's corporate credit cards are accepted by just about every online and offline merchant in the world. But probably the most crucial advantage according to Ramaty: "The best part is that pliant's credit cards can be set up online in minutes and are ready to use right away!"

Full transparency in real time

Sportissimi employees have now been using pliant's virtual credit cards since 2021. "I could also have physical credit cards sent to me by mail within 2-3 business days. But that simply hasn't been necessary yet. In fact, I'm glad that my employees and I can use the credit cards completely digitally." Because, of course, the virtual card can't be lost as easily as the physical company credit card.

When a new employee needs a credit card, it's ready to use within minutes. Instead of printing out an application, filling it out by hand and mailing it, as is usually the case, the manager only needs to create a new credit card for the employee within his or her pliant account - and can use it immediately. But most importantly for Ramaty, he now has a good overview of spending by department and even employee at all times. "This gives me a good and secure feeling in day-to-day business," says the managing director. 

Stay in full control: with virtual credit cards

As a business owner, are you also still working with an old-fashioned, physical credit card that is used by all employees in your company? Ensure security and transparency now with pliant. 

Your benefits with pliant:

  • Easy online application without visiting the bank
  • Immediate card issuance to individual employees at the push of a button
  • Real-time overview of spending by individual employees 

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