Usercentrics now benefits from the highest cashbacks on marketing, SaaS and cloud spend - thanks to pliant's corporate credit card

Tobias Wiest works as Head of Finance and Controlling at Usercentrics. The company offers business customers a so-called Consent Marketing Platform (CMP). With this software, Usercentrics helps its customers comply with the GDPR. The platform makes it possible to obtain users' consent to the use of their data and informs them exactly how the data is processed and for what purpose.

The advantage is obvious: the software guarantees companies full data protection compliance across all digital channels and thus offers legal security. Not surprisingly, the software is in high demand. The accompanying company growth has also increased the startup's expenses. To recoup some of the expenses, Wiest looked for a flexible and digital credit card with the highest possible cashback. But unfortunately, his search remained unsuccessful for a long time.

Tobias Wiest works as Head of Finance and Controlling at Usercentrics
Tobias Wiest, Head of Finance and Controlling, Usercentrics

Business credit cards in comparison: Hardly any cashbacks

What has long been the norm for private credit cards is often not even offered for corporate credit cards: Cashback. With this service, a certain percentage of the transaction value is refunded. But unfortunately, many entrepreneurs miss this kind of cashback with corporate credit cards.

"I had to find out after a long online research that there are hardly any business credit cards with cashback or that they are very low. With Usercentrics' high expenditures for marketing applications, cloud software solutions, hardware, etc., it was hardly possible to obtain refunds," Wiest reports. In addition, he was bothered by the fact that he had to apply for personalized company credit cards at the bank in a very cumbersome way - sometimes even by mail. There was no time for this in the daily business routine, so Wiest and his employees only had one physical company credit card available for the entire company. "This old-fashioned credit card made my work and that of my employees unnecessarily difficult for a long time," says the Head of Finance.

High cashback and high limits with corporate credit cards from pliant

After searching for a corporate credit card, Wiest finally came across pliant through an entrepreneur friend. The FinTech enables issuing cards to employees with individual limits at the push of a button. The application is done online with just a few clicks. "I was particularly pleasantly surprised by easy handling. The user interface of pliant is clear and not flooded with buttons, as with many other providers," says Wiest. Thanks to the reporting of debits in real time by individual employees and the simplified collection of receipts for each transaction, Usercentrics now has a transparent overview of its finances. 

But best of all: "I finally have sufficiently high spending limits to use the credit card flexibly and benefit from immediate savings through high cashbacks," says the finance manager enthusiastically. Because with pliant, the company is continually saving money. The company receives up to 1 percent cashback on spending on marketing and cloud software applications, up to 2 percent on hardware and even up to 5 percent on office supplies.

pliant is the best corporate credit card for price-sensitive customers in comparison

Since Wiest started using pliant's business credit cards at Usercentrics, the high outlay has finally paid off: "Among all corporate credit cards, pliant has the highest cashbacks on the market in comparison. In combination with the high limits and the best exchange rates for transactions abroad, pliant is therefore hard to beat," affirms Wiest.

The free entry-level model was also particularly decisive for the Head of Finance. Even with the free version of pliant, up to 50 employees can use the credit card and up to five virtual cards can be issued. "This is a good basis for initially testing pliant without any obligation." says Wiest.

You can benefit from the highest cashbacks on the market as well!

Do you and your employees still use corporate credit cards from your house bank, which offer virtually no cashback and are also inflexible with many employees? Benefit now from the highest percentage cashbacks - with the corporate credit cards from pliant.

Get up to five percent of your spending reimbursed as cash backs today. You can open your account online in minutes - no need to visit the bank. Virtual cards for individual employees are available at the touch of a button and ready to use.

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