Compliant & risk management with Pliant CaaS

Compliance and security you can trust

As a Pliant CaaS partner, you don't need to worry about compliance & risk – we cover it all for you.

Mitigate regulatory risk with Pliant CaaS

Compliance & risk management out of the box

Let our in-house experts take care of all compliance, risk, and regulatory topics from the initial setup of your card program to ongoing topics while managing your program.

Pliant is Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified

Wide range of expertise

Our team understands a variety of business use cases and industries, having obtained the EMI (e-money) license based on EU-wide expertise, Visa Principal Membership, and PCI-DSS certification.

Effortless compliance & risk management

Ongoing assessment and monitoring

Benefit from built-in compliance checks, credit assessment, and ongoing risk monitoring for your card solution.

Pliant has a very fast onboarding process

Flexible onboarding

Our onboarding processes are flexible and comprehensive enough to accommodate a wide range of industries, from e-commerce shops to marketing agencies, and stages of company maturity, from startups to corporates.

Ready to build trustworthy solutions?

Contact our partner team to explore regulatory compliance with Pliant CaaS.

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