Integration von Pliant und bookman

Pliant x bookman: Integration for your digital invoice management

Organizations are looking to digitize administrative processes to save time and reduce costs. The new integration between Pliant and bookman makes these specialized tools even easier to use.

Benefits of using Pliant x bookman integration

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    Instant forwarding to downstream accounting

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    Clear card payment accounting for you and your accountant

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    Export receipts to bookman in real time

Eliminate outdated paper processes for incoming invoices with bookman

  • Use our partner bookman's software to digitally manage your incoming invoices.

  • The new integration also automates the accounting of your Pliant corporate credit cards.

  • No more missing invoices and less manual processes.

  • bookman then sends all receipts to your accountant or bookkeeper.

Streamline your invoice management with bookman

With bookman, you can manage all the steps in the processing of incoming invoices. From reading the data, to multi-level invoice approval, to correct payment. With bookman, pre-accounting is digitalized. Shuffling folders or scanning previously printed receipts is a thing of the past.

Send credit card receipts to bookman automatically

Save time by exporting your credit card receipts from Pliant to bookman with the new interface. There, you can process the data in the usual way: review, approve, and export to the downstream accounting system.

Combining Pliant with bookman

To use the integration, you must enable auto-receipt forwarding in Pliant and enter your bookman email.

Ecco perché le aziende scelgono Pliant

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Pliant's reviews on OMR Reviews
  • With Pliant and bookman, digital expense management is perfectly mapped from paying to approving and forwarding to downstream accounting. By working together, the usual approvals and the entire payment management via credit cards can be displayed at the same time. We are excited to offer our customers even more value with Pliant.

    Tom HönigCEO of bookman Solutions GmbH
  • Now, Pliant credit card receipts can be easily reviewed and approved within bookman's digital workflow and later forwarded to DATEV via an interface. This enables our customers to process credit card receipts completely digital, from payment to booking in DATEV. We are excited about the partnership with bookman and the opportunity to offer digital card and receipt management combined with first-class incoming invoice management.

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