Integration von Pliant und Agicap

Pliant x Agicap: More time for your liquidity management thanks to automation

With Agicap, companies get a better overview of their costs and can plan their future. Importing all payments automatically saves you a lot of time. As a Pliant customer, you have the benefit of our smooth integration and automatic transfer of your transactions to Agicap.

Advantages of using the Pliant x Agicap integration

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    Pliant and Agicap synchronize automatically

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    More transparency through high data quality

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    Accurate and time-saving liquidity planning

Control your liquidity with Agicap

  • Activate integration with a few clicks

  • Faultless data transmission between Pliant and Agicap

  • See the flow of payments in your company with real-time reporting for all accounts and projects

  • Track the progress of your cash holdings

  • Get valuable insights into savings potential and investment opportunities

Liquidity planning with Agicap

Agicap is a liquidity planning tool that helps you make decisions based on financial needs. The effects of risks and crises can be simulated in the form of scenarios. To do this, Agicap uses all the information about your company's expenses, such as expense reports, travel expense reports, reimbursements, and it displays these expenses in your liquidity planning.

Automate your liquidity planning with Pliant and Agicap

Our PSD2 interface exports card data and transactions to Agicap. All account activities converge in the Agicap dashboard and can be checked at a glance. Create reliable reports and check your company's cash flow forecast.

How to activate the integration with Agicap

To synchronize your transaction and payment data with Agicap, you need to integrate Pliant with a few clicks. You'll find Pliant in the 'Banks and Integrations' section of your Agicap account.

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