Integration von Pliant und GetMyInvoices

Pliant x GetMyInvoices: Automatic routing of credit card invoices to Pliant

The integration with GetMyInvoices makes pre-invoicing even easier. You can save valuable time by having your credit card invoices automatically sent to Pliant.

Benefits of the Pliant x GetMyInvoices integration

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    Link every card payment to its corresponding invoice

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    Synchronize how you manage invoices with one click

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    Manage your pre-invoices automatically

Automated billing and accounting

  • All-in-one corporate billing solution

  • Through this integration, the pre-invoicing process for your Pliant corporate credit cards will be automated.

  • No missed invoices and fewer manual processes.

  • With the help of your accountant, you can integrate a clear accounting process for your credit card payments.

GetMyInvoices digitizes invoice management

The GetMyInvoices cloud software automates the import of invoices from thousands of sources, like customer portals or email inboxes. Payments, approvals and testing processes are also digitized. No more analog signature folders. All invoices are stored in a central document archive and automatically assigned to the corresponding bank transaction, which means that all invoices are immediately available for the annual financial statement. This simplifies cooperation with the tax accountant.

Export your invoices from GetMyInvoices to Pliant

You will automatically send your card invoices to Pliant for processing

GetMyInvoices displays all invoices for processing in Pliant's digital credit card solution. All you have to do is import your data into the Pliant application using the common interface. Each invoice is automatically matched to a payment within the Pliant application by matching it to completed card transactions. Pliant takes care of the pre-accounting for you. You then send your data to DATEV Business Online or other integrated partners for further processing.

How to enable the integration with GetMyInvoices

To enable the integration and start emailing invoices, you will need to create a synchronization account in GetMyInvoice. Set the frequency for sending invoices to Pliant. Other settings can be customized for importing documents. In the ‘Recipient’ field, enter your Pliant Inbox email address.

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  • With GetMyInvoices' automated invoicing software, a common accounting problem has been solved. Integration with Pliant is a useful addition to our digital credit card solutions, enabling invoices to be automatically delivered to Pliant without manual intervention.

    Lukas GottschickVP Commercial

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