Integration von Pliant und tidely

Pliant x tidely: Liquidity control at the touch of a button

Corporations, start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses use the liquidity platform of our partner tidely to actively manage their business success. As a Pliant customer, you benefit from our seamless integration and automatic transfer of your transactions to tidely.

Benefits of the Pliant x tidely integration

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    Expenses are automatically transferred to tidely

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    More predictability and less risk

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    More time to analyze data

Automated liquidity planning with tidely

  • Enable integration in a few clicks

  • Error-free data transfer between Pliant and tidely

  • Find out how much money your company will have available tomorrow, a week from now, or a year from now

  • Track the progress of your funds in real time

  • tidely gives you valuable visibility in a short period of time instead of reviewing individual statements at the end of the month.

tidely is the digital liquidity management solution for businesses.

Tidely's easy-to-use features allow you to monitor and forecast your cash balances in real time. Now, you can make decisions based on accurate data that is relevant to your liquidity. At the same time, tidely allows you to see where you stand financially. Say goodbye to error-prone Excel models and let tidely's features help you optimize cash flow.

With Pliant and tidely, you can automate your financial planning

Consolidate all transactions into a single dashboard with Pliant. You can have at-a-glance visibility into past budget performance. And with just one click, you can find out how your finances are likely to develop with the help of an automated forecast based on AI. Lukas Fehling, Manager of Pilates Sports in Munich, Germany, says: "tidely has allowed us to focus on what we offer. There's no need to worry about outstanding invoices and it's easy to ensure our long-term liquidity." Tidely's data and insights will make it easier for you to proactively plan projects and deploy people effectively.

How to enable integrations with tidely

Pliant will automatically transfer your transaction and payment data to tidely. To start syncing, you will need to add Pliant as a data source in tidely, just as you would with a regular bank account. Alternatively, you can create a CSV file in Pliant app. You can then upload this CSV file to tidely without having to worry about losing any data. However, it is easier to use both apps in parallel once the import is fully automated.

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