CO2-neutral travel.
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Travel-related CO2 emission estimation and compensation from certified providers at no additional cost.

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To sustainably preserve our planet, climate action needs to be effortless and seamlessly built into products and services we use every day. We want to contribute to this.

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Key Features

Track CO2 emissions of your company’s travel-related card payments in a dedicated dashboard

Compensate your emissions automatically and purchase additional offsets when redeeming cashback

Reliably take action against climate change in collaboration with certified CO2 compensation providers

Coming soon: the new pliant earth card with additional planet-friendly benefits

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What is the mission of pliant earth?

Our goal is to empower companies to reduce the climate impact caused by business travel in an effortless and meaningful way. In the future, we will expand our offering to other expense categories.

How does it work?

Once you enrol into the program, we calculate your CO2 emissions based on your travel related card payments. Your cashback will automatically be used to offset your CO2 emissions with the help of our certified compensation partners. At the end of each year, you will receive a certificate for your offset CO2 emission.

Sample calculation:

  • A plane trip Berlin-Munich, with a three-night 4-star hotel stay, and taxi rides to/from the airport in Munich for a total of €500 results in CO2 emissions of 245.7 kg
    (Sources: GHG Protocol,
  • With a CO2 price of €15 per ton, the compensation price is €3.71.
  • A cashback greater than €3.71/€500 = 0.74% can fully cover the associated CO2 offset cost.
Who is paying for the cashback and therefore the compensation?

Every time you pay with a pliant credit card, the merchant pays a fee for accepting the credit card transaction. Part of this fee is passed on by pliant to its customers in the form of cashbacks. Now we also offer the possibility to finance CO2 compensation with these cashbacks.

How are my CO2 emissions calculated?

We calculate your CO2 emissions based on your travel costs. In a simple example: If you pay for a cab ride with a pliant card, we take an estimate of the average greenhouse gas emissions per euro generated by cab trips. We then calculate the CO2 emissions associated with the cab ride by extrapolating the average value to the total cost of the cab ride. For this, we work together with the experts at cozero.

What is CO2 compensation?

CO2 compensation allows companies to compensate for the emissions they cannot avoid by investing in certified environmental projects. The projects are designed to reduce future emissions and might involve rolling out clean energy technologies, planting trees and protecting existing forests.

What sustainability projects do we work with?

We used a rigorous approach to select the sustainability projects we invest in. We selected high-quality sustainability projects that are registered and tracked by generally accepted and reputable organizations in the voluntary markets, including Gold Standard, the Verified CO2 Standard (VCS), and Climate Action Reserve (CAR).