Credit cards tailored to your business

Optimize your finance stack with physical and virtual credit cards that adapt to your needs and maximize savings.

Manage your credit cards digitally with Pliant app

Fully digital card management

Save time when you manage all your cards and card settings from a single convenient app.

Pliant offers high volume credit card limits

High limits to facilitate any purchase

Get high credit limits to facilitate high transaction volumes with custom billing cycles to maximize your working capital.

Instantly create virtual credit cards for flight tickets with Pliant

Instantly available virtual cards

Issue virtual cards with custom card controls for complete spending control.

Pliant's fully automated travel purchasing virtual credit card

Pliant’s unique Travel Purchasing Card

Use a virtual card designed specifically for the travel industry that can be used in fully automated processes.

Real time reconciliation for travel bookings

Real time reconciliation

Issue cards with custom references for fast and easy reconciliation. Automatically match transactions to travel bookings with our state-of-the-art API.

Invoice tracking management use case

Rapid onboarding and implementation

Start quickly with fast KYC and credit checks, and dedicated support from our tech team.

Pliant offers upto 1% cashback for e-commerce expenses

Generous cashback for high card spending

Get generous cashback for high card spending to maximize your margins.

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