Access Pliant via API

Everything you can do with our apps – you can do via API.

Pro API code example
Pliant card controlled with Pro API

Access Pliant’s full feature set

  1. User add profile plus icon

    Create and manage cardholders

  2. Multiple credit cards icon

    Issue, lock, unlock, terminate, and replace cards

  3. Bill payment reciept icon

    Process transactions and receipts

  4. Card activated check mark icon

    Access payment data and credit card statements

  5. Database check confirmation icon

    Access relevant accounting data

  6. Settings horizontal slider icon

    Configure accounting data fields

Our API is easy to implement

Pliant API security & encryption measures

All REST requests are SSL/TLS encrypted and access is secured via OAuth2 Client Credentials flow. Additional security measures are taken when accessing sensitive card data.

Example use cases

  • Build custom integrations with Pliant

    Custom Integrations

    Build a custom integration to support your business processes and accounting workflows.

  • Connect your document management system to Pliant

    Connect your document management system

    Process credit card statements automatically by reacting to statement callbacks.

  • Create workflows with Pliant

    On- and offboarding workflows for new and former employees

    Add issuance of credit cards for every new joiner and automatically terminate all existing cards once a user leaves your company.

  • Pay with Pliant credit cards

    Support additional payment methods

    Issue a credit card in the background – you may have business partners that only accept credit cards.

  • Manage Pliant credit cards from your own system

    Manage cards in your own system

    Issue new cards, manage cardholders, and change limits with ease.


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