Integration von Pliant und BuchhaltungsButler

Pliant x BuchhaltungsButler: Automate your corporate credit card accounting

BuchhaltungsButler offers the fastest cloud-based accounting software that simplifies accounting for small businesses. Automatically export your incoming invoices to the BuchhaltungsButler app without our seamless interface.

Benefits of the Pliant x BuchhaltungsButler integration

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    Automatically send receipts to BuchhaltungsButler

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    Credit cards that work with your financial systems

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    Avoid mistakes and save time

Digitize your accounting with BuchhaltungsButler

  • Activate the integration with just a few clicks

  • Error-free data transmission between Pliant and BuchhaltungsButler

  • Avoid manual tasks in financial accounting

  • Automate your corporate credit card accounting

  • Receipts are collected, read, and automatically allocated to your payments

  • Confirm the account allocation suggestion with just one click

BuchhaltungsButler’s accounting software saves you so much time!

BuchhaltungsButler is an online accounting software for businesses. In addition to intelligent receipt recognition, the online accounting software also automates your bookkeeping, the reconciliation of payments, the workflow rules and the collection function. Thanks to intelligent to-do lists, our partner's software intuitively guides you to accurate bookkeeping. You can then easily export all your data for your accountant or prepare your VAT return yourself.

Automatic receipt routing from Pliant to BuchhaltungsButler

With the new automatic receipt routing interface, you can easily export your incoming invoices from Pliant to the BuchhaltungsButler App.

Your incoming invoices will be directly assigned to the corresponding payment. With one click you confirm automatically generated allocations.

How to activate the integration with BuchhaltungsButler

In the Pliant App's Accounting settings, enable ‘Automatic receipt forwarding’ and enter your BuchhaltungsButler email address.

Payments can also be imported as Pliant’ standard CSV bank statement or in DATEV format. You can find more information about CSV import in the BuchhaltungsButler Knowledgebase.

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