Integration von Pliant und helloHQ

Pliant x helloHQ: Process all payments automatically

Manage your entire business process in one place with helloHQ's all-in-one agency software. Export your transaction data from the Pliant App to helloHQ thanks to integration with Pliant. You can transfer your pre-allocated booking records directly into the state-of-the-art agency software.

Benefits of the Pliant x helloHQ integration

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    Credit cards that can be integrated into your agency software

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    Smooth integration guaranteed

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    Automatic transfer of relevant data between Pliant and helloHQ

Pliant and helloHQ simplify your daily project management

  • GDPR-compliant, all-in-one agency solution

  • Pliant data is automatically assigned to corresponding project

  • No missed payments and fewer manual processes

  • Boost your team's productivity with a simple, cohesive workflow.

helloHQ's agency software manages the entire project process

HelloHQ's modern agency software suits all projects and tasks. From quoting to invoicing, helloHQ helps you manage the entire business process. No more outdated spreadsheets or confusion from using different applications for time tracking, invoicing, or financial reporting. HelloHQ offers a GDPR compliant all-in-one software solution for German, Austrian and Swiss agencies.

How to export expenses from Pliant to helloHQ

Take advantage of our integration to transfer the data of your expenses from the Pliant application to helloHQ. Export a standard CSV file as a bank statement from Pliant, or pre-allocated in DATEV format, to the agency software. The data will be automatically allocated to the corresponding project.

How to activate the integration with helloHQ

In the Pliant App, name the cost center of the transaction according to the number of your helloHQ project. You can transfer your data from helloHQ to DATEV.

Este é o motivo pelo qual as empresas confiam na Pliant

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  • HelloHQ combines six systems into one and we can now map the entire agency process from the first quote to the final invoice in one system. The efficiency gain is huge.

    Kirsten BeckerHead of Operations at Contentfleet

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