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Virtual cards that plug into your company’s world

Add even more flexibility with virtual VISA® cards customizable for all kinds of use cases.

Multi-use virtual cards

Convenient multi-use Pliant virtual credit cards

Unlock a new level of convenience

  • Issue as many virtual cards as you like

  • Use a new virtual card instantly without waiting for the postman

  • Update any card’s settings at a simple button click

Pliant's multi-use virtual credit cards for every use case

Fine-tuned for every use case

  • Create custom cards for any use case at no extra cost

  • Set monthly, quarterly, annual, and project-based limits

  • Get full control over SaaS subscriptions and other recurring spend

Single-use virtual cards

Control spends with Pliant single-use virtual cards

Take more control over spending

  • Set single-use cards for one-off use cases and stop worrying about overspending

  • Allow team members to make important purchases safely

  • Avoid unwanted recurring charges – merchants can only charge the card once

Pliant's single-use virtual cards safety & security

Maximize card safety and security

  • Avoid fraud when purchasing from unknown merchants

  • No need to reveal card numbers of high limit cards

  • Eliminate the risk of getting your card data stolen

How do you use Pliant?

Benefit from our best-in-class solution in 4 simple steps.

  • Register to Pliant


    and get real credit cards with high limits regardless of your company account

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    virtual & physical cards with individual limits to your employees with a single tap.

  • Pliant spending tracking icon


    all your card spending in real time and effortlessly manage receipt collection and accounting tasks

  • Pliant benefits star icon


    from card perks and save money on every transaction with attractive cashback terms


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