Der drei- oder vierstellige Sicherheitscode auf der Rückseite Ihrer Kreditkarte soll Kreditkartenbetrug erschweren.
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We bet you didn't know this about your cards’ CVV code

There is more to the CVV code than meets the eye. We dare to assume that most cardholders are aware of the security functionality of the much-talked-about 3 (sometimes 4)-digit code. But beyond addressing the obvious security functionalities of this code, we want to highlight other aspects that are of utmost importance.

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5 min read

Is your business GoBD compliant?

Whether you're interested in starting a business or expanding your operations to Germany, making sure your company is GoBD compliant should be one of your top priorities. In this quick read, we’ll address the most relevant aspects you should consider before taking the big leap into the German market.

Pliant now available in Italy and Ireland
3 min read

Pliant now available in Italy and Ireland

Since the start of the Pliant journey in 2020, everyone at the company has been focused on making the most forward-thinking card payment platform that helps businesses grow. For over two years, we’ve been demonstrating that credit cards are a reliable and scalable payment method that benefits all kinds of businesses, especially those with high spending needs.

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Modern workplace
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How to plan a last-minute office Christmas party: A checklist for busy managers

We snow there are a million ways to plan an office Christmas party. ❄️ However, we are going to focus on the setbacks that arise when in a small company your time and budget are limited. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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Bookkeeping vs. accounting: Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

Although bookkeeping and accounting go hand in hand, it is important to understand that each plays a different and important role in an organization. Tax compliance and financial affairs are intimidating topics for most freelancers and business owners alike, and rightly so. In the early stages of their business journey, many entrepreneurs venture into running their own finances to minimize costs. However, this can lead to unfortunate situations that can easily be prevented with the guidance of a professional in the field. So, who do you trust with one of the most precious aspects of your business, a bookkeeper or an accountant? Scroll down to find out!

6 min read

4 Top reasons why you should use digital wallets

Technology is advancing at lightning speed and it's sometimes hard to keep up. We get it. But considering the recent growth in the use of digital wallets, we took it upon ourselves to run a survey on LinkedIn to find out the frequency in which our network makes payments with these tools.

Kontaktlos bezahlen, wie es gerade am besten passt
11 min read

Are contactless and mobile payments secure?

Contactless and mobile payments have been around for a while now, but it's no secret that they have gained great popularity in recent years. One of the causes that accelerated the use of digitized payments was undoubtedly the Covid-19 outbreak. And it seems that this form of payment is here to stay.

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