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The Pliant x unitex Card: A Payment Solution with More to Offer

In a rapidly digitizing world, it's crucial for medium-sized businesses not to fall behind. This is precisely where the newly formed partnership between Pliant and unitex comes into play. With 800 members and over 1,900 retail locations in Germany, unitex provides a broad platform for the textile retail industry. With Pliant as a partner, these businesses can significantly optimize their financial processes.

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Highlights of the Partnership

Digital and Flexible:

The partnership provides access to digital corporate credit cards accepted worldwide. Say goodbye to lengthy paper applications and waiting times.

Full Control:

Digital card management allows real-time tracking and control of expenses. Manual receipt chaos and complex accounting are things of the past.


From high credit limits to personalized card controls: For maximum control, you can define limits and rules for all cards. Monitor every transaction as it happens and make financial decisions in real-time.

"We at unitex GmbH also use Pliant's credit cards, both physical and virtual, depending on the use case. We particularly appreciate the fully automated receipt booking. And through our partnership with Pliant, our members and partners can now benefit from these advantages as well."

Xaver Albrecht, Managing Director of unitex GmbH

These credit cards can be used for purchases such as software and office supplies or as fuel cards for company vehicles.

Key Benefits at a Glance:

  • Virtual and physical credit cards with high limits

  • Real-time digital card management

  • Expense control through individual card controls

  • Limits at card and team levels

  • Complete automation of expense processes up to pre-accounting

"Through the new partnership with Pliant, we are solving real problems in the day-to-day business of our members and partners: this starts with simplifying payments - both online and offline, extends to reducing administrative overhead, and ends with financial benefits through cashback. A true win-win situation for the entire unitex Fashion Community."

Xaver Albrecht

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Mara Münzing
Communication Lead

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