Pliant's fair exchange rates

When you use Pliant cards for purchases in a foreign currency, Pliant applies the VISA exchange rate, without surcharges or additional fees. Below are the exchange rates you get when using Pliant cards for foreign currency transactions. Please note that the exchange rates can fluctuate and they may change between the time a transaction is made and the time it is confirmed and added to your organization's credit card billing statement.

Please choose a currency to see our exchange rate.

European Central Bank rate

1 USD = 0.950661 EURDate updated: 8 December 2022

Total mark-up over European Central rate


Pliant's cashback for below market FX rates

0.5%Does not apply to cash like transactions, government payments, and charities.

VISA rate

1 USD = 0.957763 EURDate updated: 8 December 2022

Pliant mark-up over VISA rate