Supercharge your product with our B2B Cards-as-a-Service solution

Issue your own credit cards through our best-in-class B2B card platform and ready-to-go regulatory framework. Grow your revenue with your own card program in record time.

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Unlock business growth with your own card program

Customize your CaaS solution according to your unique needs with a completely modular approach. We'll provide the technology, plus the regulatory, compliance, and banking infrastructure to help build every layer of your solution.

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    Build an all-in-one solution

    Enhance your offering with digital credit cards: helping customers streamline their spending processes.

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    Unlock new revenue streams

    Jump straight into new markets with our innovative products: the perfect solution for more growth with less setup time.

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    Increase customer engagement

    Become an essential part of your customers’ lives: our solution embeds into vital workflows, fostering a deeper connection and brand loyalty.

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    Learn more about your customers

    Gain deeper insights into your customers' spending habits and generate valuable data for future business decisions.

Pliant cards as a service partners Candis & Circula

Meet Pliant's CaaS partners

Our CaaS partners have created their own fully-fledged card programs using Pliant's setup to issue cards to their own customers.

Modular digital credit card services

Pliant CaaS is a versatile, modular solution. You can pick and choose layers depending on your needs — each provides maximum customization and efficiency:

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    Support layer

    Offers expert assistance throughout all project phases, including technical implementation and ongoing card issuance. Smooth operations and quick issue resolution.

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    Frontend layer

    Features user-friendly administrative and cardholder applications, equipped with real-time management capabilities for an intuitive user experience.

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    Backend layer

    Boasts a state-of-the-art API infrastructure, facilitating easy and flexible product or application integration.

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    Regulatory layer

    Ensures compliance with KYC/AML checks and provides continuous risk and compliance monitoring, essential for maintaining trust and legality.

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    Banking layer

    Addresses all credit card requirements, simplifying the launch and management of card programs for businesses.

Even more flexibility with CaaS API


Check out different examples of how Pliant works well for different industries and use cases.

Customer stories

Read more about how companies have overcome their business problems with Pliant.

Our API is easy to implement

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    Secure by default

    All REST requests are SSL/TLS encrypted and access is secured via OAuth2 Client Credentials flow. Additional security measures are taken when accessing sensitive card data.

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    Try it out on our sandbox

    Set up your first process in a couple of days and test transactions, even without a custom plan.

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    Readymade solutions

    Show card data with easy-to implement solutions, including an option for non-PCI-DSS compliant organizations.

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    Postman collection

    Kickstart your development and testing process with our comprehensive Postman collection.

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    Callbacks for everything

    Use a callback for everything happening on the Pliant platform so you don’t have to rely on file exports or manual triggers.

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    API recipes

    Use our readymade API recipes for the most common use cases and get quick access to postman collection.

Integration with Pliant's CaaS API

Technical integration with CaaS API

Easily integrate Pliant CaaS API into your systems. Unlock a world of possibilities as you gain access to a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your workflows and drive efficiency.

Pliant CaaS API documentation

Getting Started with CaaS API

Access comprehensive API documentation, postman collections, and sample code to simplify your integration process. Our detailed documentation provides step-by-step guidance, allowing you to quickly and effectively implement Pliant Pro API into your projects.


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