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“25% time savings in accounting through faster receipt verification and fewer questions”

Doctari Group, Germany's leading healthcare service provider, is working on the healthcare system of the future. A. Sander, Head of Corporate Accounting, gives an insight into the company's processes and shares his experiences with the partner integration of Pliant and Circula.

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With several companies, Doctari Group operates in three business sectors: temporary staffing, permanent staffing and technology & solutions. Digitization plays a major role. Even in accounting, manual processes are being automated. Credit card statements sent by mail at the end of the month or printed forms for travel expense reports are a thing of the past. Instead, the Doctari Group uses both the Pliant and Circula applications and their integration. We benefit from increased speed, transparency and security," says Sander.

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Positive experience with the integration of Circula and Pliant:

  • Real-time reporting via Pliant dashboard

  • Automated reminders to staff for missing receipts

  • Faster communication within the Pliant app

  • Automated travel expense reports thanks to Circula

Challenge: Manual processes and no visibility

Previously, those receiving mailed credit card statements had to scan and forward them for digital processing. Only one physical corporate credit card was used by several employees in one department. Receipts were submitted to their supervisor to get approved. This made finding missing receipts extremely difficult. 

In addition, travel expense forms were often incorrect. Host information was incomplete or calculations for extra meals were entered incorrectly.

Solution: Implementation of Pliant and Circula and their partner integration 

Circula and Pliant give us an overview and transparency of where documents are and where they are not. “The approval process for travel expenses and credit card payments is fully visible in the portal," said Sander.

The automatic notifications in the Pliant app have been very positive for the Doctari Group. Thanks to the reminder function, employees with missing documents receive an email. In addition, internal communication has moved to the Pliant app: "We use the comment function within the Pliant app, and we no longer need to communicate via email," says A. Sander.

Outcome: Increased speed, transparency, and security in Doctari Group’s accounting 

With the Pliant and Circula apps and their partner integration, A. Sander and his team of six employees are saving 25 percent of their time.

"Requesting credit card statements and returning incorrectly completed travel or expense reports has improved significantly. There is nothing left lying around. Travel expenses are paid faster, and my team has all the information they need to make sure the process is tax compliant. Everyone knows where the receipts are at any given time and where they are being processed. Reconciliation becomes easier for the person who hands in the receipt and the person who later posts the receipt and makes the payment. Before, this was inconvenient for both parties and took a lot of time."

A. Sander, Head of Corporate Accounting for the Doctari Group

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