Pliant's receipt management feature

Minimize the hassle of managing receipts

Every transaction requires a receipt, so make managing receipts as effortless as paying for things with your credit card.

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Pliant missing receipt management

Track down missing receipts

The app shows missing receipts and automatically sends out regular reminders to submit them, so you never need to send a reminder email again.

Pliant receipt collection

One-step receipt collection

Upload every receipt in one step, whichever way you prefer. Take a picture on your phone, drag and drop in your browser, or forward an email to a dedicated receipt inbox that matches receipts to transactions using machine learning.

Pliant receipt management reject receipt

Stamp out errors with ease

If a receipt doesn’t fit any of your requirements, push it back to the cardholder to correct and resubmit ASAP, all within the app.

Pliant fast receipt management

Receipt processing at 2023 speeds

Automatically forward verified receipts to your accounting system or any email address in bulk, or use one of our seamless accounting integrations.

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