Real-time transaction monitoring

See every transaction as it happens and make timely decisions on spending limits, card usage, and accounting.

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Pliant mobile app notifications

Instant notifications ensure peace of mind

When it comes to company finances, knowing now feels better than knowing later. Know instantly how much was charged and whether a card transaction was successful, so important payments for marketing campaigns and SaaS tools never go unchecked.

Real-time transaction monitoring tracking

Track spending with laser precision

Stay up to date on every cent you spend, keep spending in line with your policies at every level, and get detailed information to address declined or unwanted transactions.

Pliant credit card management

Make card management frictionless

Issue cards, change limits, and approve requests to unblock team members from anywhere in seconds.

Avoid last minute accounting with Pliant

Avoid last minute accounting

Never wait until the end of the month again to check your statements and deal with unexpected surprises. Assess transaction data on a rolling basis to prepare and close your monthly books in record time.

How do you use Pliant?

Benefit from our best-in-class solution in 4 simple steps.

  • Register to Pliant


    and get real credit cards with high limits regardless of your company account

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    virtual & physical cards with individual limits to your employees with a single tap.

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    all your card spending in real time and effortlessly manage receipt collection and accounting tasks

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    from card perks and save money on every transaction with attractive cashback terms

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