Pliant Approval & Spend Control feature

Many cards – one control center

Define limits and rules for all cards on multiple levels for maximum control.

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Pliant change card limit & frequency

Individual limits for team success

Assign per-transaction, per-time period, and total spending limits for every card, and adjust them any time to suit your team’s needs.

Pliant setting team budget

Team budgets for company success

Automatically track budgets on a team or company level, and get notified immediately if teams approach or exceed their budgets.

Pliant spend control approval flows

Approval flows that actually flow

Speed up approvals with pre-set approval permissions at every level to avoid bottlenecks. Finance and leadership teams can approve new card requests and limit changes centrally, and so can team managers.

Pliant card-level spend controls

Card-level controls that go even further

Control even more card capabilities like permitted payment categories and choose whether cards can be used at ATMs, for foreign transactions, and more.

How do you use Pliant?

Benefit from our best-in-class solution in 4 simple steps.

  • Register to Pliant


    and get real credit cards with high limits regardless of your company account

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    virtual & physical cards with individual limits to your employees with a single tap.

  • Pliant spending tracking icon


    all your card spending in real time and effortlessly manage receipt collection and accounting tasks

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    from card perks and save money on every transaction with attractive cashback terms

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