Pliant's CaaS partner integration API

Pliant CaaS API

State-of-the-art RESTful API to enhance your customer experience with credit card features.

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Access Pliant’s full feature set

  1. User add profile plus icon

    Create and manage cardholders

  2. Multiple credit cards icon

    Issue, lock, unlock, and replace cards

  3. Calendar money scheduled payment icon

    Update card limits and card limit frequencies

  4. Credit card requested pending icon

    Create and manage card requests and card limit requests

  5. Upload desktop icon

    Fetch credit card transactions and payments

  6. Receipt slip uploaded icon

    Access and upload receipts

  7. List bullet points icon

    Access credit card statements

  8. Shopping store icon

    Detailed merchant data

  9. Setting controller slider icon

    Card controls

Pliant API security & encryption measures

Secure by default

All REST requests are SSL/TLS encrypted and access is secured via OAuth2 Client Credentials flow. Additional security measures are taken when accessing sensitive card data.

Pliant CaaS partner API sandbox

Try it out on our sandbox

Set up your first process in a couple of days and test transactions, even without a custom plan.

Pliant CaaS partner API SDKs

Readymade SDKs

Show card data with easy-to implement solutions, including an option for non-PCI-DSS compliant organizations.

Pliant's readymade CaaS partner API recipes

“API recipes”

Use our readymade “API recipes” for the most common use cases and get quick access to postman collection.

Our callbacks make developers’ lives easier when implementing our CaaS product.

Use a callback for everything happening on the Pliant platform to get information immediately so you don’t have to rely on file exports or manual triggers.

  • Pliant's CaaS partner integration API new transaction
  • Pliant's CaaS partner integration API credit card limit updated
  • Pliant's CaaS partner integration API new credit card & card holder

Learn more about the Pliant API to access your credit card data programmatically


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