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How Pliant helps resellers avoid currency risk and remove the need for hedging

Software resellers play a crucial role in ensuring their clients have access to the best software solutions available. However, operating as the intermediary between wholesalers and end customers presents its fair share of challenges, including currency fluctuations and high exchange rates.

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Software resellers can reduce costs with the right credit card solution

These uncertainties can have a significant impact on resellers' finances and hinder their ability to conduct business smoothly.

Challenges faced by software resellers

1. Unpredictable finances

Currency fluctuations and high exchange rates introduce volatility into financial transactions. Resellers who buy equipment, inventory, or other high-value items need to contend with the fluctuating exchange rates, making it challenging to accurately predict their financial outcomes.

2. Limited credit limits and transactions

Traditional credit cards often impose low credit limits and transaction caps, which can impede software resellers' operations. Having a high credit limit is essential for companies purchasing equipment or inventory, as it enables smooth and uninterrupted operations. Moreover, traditional credit cards may have limitations on single transactions and the number of transactions allowed per day.

3. Time-consuming manual processes

Manual processes, such as reviewing credit card statements, exporting transaction data for accounting purposes, or applying for new cards via email or paper-based methods, consume valuable time and resources. Streamlining these manual tasks is crucial for resellers to optimize their efficiency and focus on core business activities.

In addition to these pain points, software resellers often encounter other challenges, including the time-consuming process of manually purchasing software licenses, chargeback disputes, and billing fees. These issues further add to the complexity and inefficiency of their operations.

Pliant solves top payment problems for software resellers

To address these challenges and empower software resellers, Pliant offers a modern corporate credit card solution that goes beyond accelerating payment processing. Pliant's solution streamlines financial management and tracking by leveraging powerful integrations that automate manual tasks, leading to improved efficiency and peace of mind.

Here are some key benefits of Pliant's corporate credit card solution:

1. Enhanced financial control

Pliant provides software resellers with high credit limits, enabling them to make necessary purchases without concerns about rejected payments. These credit cards are designed to accommodate large payments and a high volume of transactions per day, ensuring smooth business operations.

2. Mitigation of exchange rate fluctuation risk

By utilizing Pliant's credit cards for foreign currency transactions, software resellers can bypass the risks associated with currency fluctuations. Unlike traditional methods where exchange rates may vary between the order date and payment processing date, paying with a Pliant credit card applies the exchange rate immediately, eliminating the need for hedging.

3. Competitive exchange rates

Pliant offers competitive exchange rates for international payments, ensuring that software resellers don't incur extra fees. In fact, Pliant even provides cashback for foreign currency payments, further enhancing resellers' profitability. Plus, clients can save up to 4% on currency exchange fees.

4. Seamless integration and automation

Pliant's solution features powerful tools with API integrations, allowing for seamless integration with other software and programs commonly used by software resellers. Additionally, for those who prefer a custom integration, Pliant's API enables tailored solutions to meet specific business requirements.

5. Pliant removes the need for hedging

Thomas Kasper, Managing Director of software reseller Prianto PPM, highlights how Pliant has transformed their operations by mitigating currency risk and eliminating the need for hedging. He emphasizes the flexibility and user-friendliness of Pliant, which has streamlined their processes through the issuance of new cards to employees.

"With Pliant, we have been utilizing credit cards for all foreign currency transactions, whenever possible, in order to mitigate currency-related risks. Pliant is a flexible and user-friendly solution that enables me to issue new cards to our employees, significantly streamlining our operations."

Thomas Kasper, Managing Director, Prianto PPM

In short

In summary, corporate credit cards offer significant advantages for software resellers engaged in transactions involving multiple currencies. Pliant's corporate credit card solution not only simplifies payment processing but also provides resellers with better financial control, real-time exchange rates, and seamless integration capabilities. By leveraging Pliant, resellers can streamline their operations, mitigate currency risk, and focus on delivering exceptional software solutions to their clients.

To learn more about Pliant corporate credit cards, book a demo with our experts.

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