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"Intertours Pay": An Innovative Solution for Business Travel Payments

Pliant and Intertours announce a strategic partnership to streamline business travel payments with "Intertours Pay."

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Intertours using Pliant Caas

In a pivotal move to optimize business travel payments, Pliant, a leading provider of credit card technology, and Intertours Travel & Events, experts in business travel management, have joined forces. The result of this collaboration is a corporate credit card solution tailored specifically to the needs of business travelers.

A Milestone in Travel Expense Management

Intertours Pay enhances the management of business travel expenses through a specialized travel card that can be used for both physical and virtual payments worldwide. This flexibility is facilitated by full compatibility with Google Pay and Apple Pay, providing travelers with global payment freedom. Companies benefit from transparency and control over travel expenses, supported by an intelligent solution for card, transaction, and invoice management.

A User-Centric Experience

At the core of Intertours Pay is an advanced software solution that simplifies the issuance and management of cards and provides users with a detailed overview of their expenses in real-time. This application allows for the clear management of receipts and creates a consistent, user-friendly experience for managing business travel expenses.

Global Support and Security

With the global acceptance of the Visa card and digital management capabilities, Intertours Pay offers a flexible payment solution for business travel around the globe. Intertours' excellent customer service is available to travelers at all times to ensure they are well-supported worldwide and that their travels run smoothly.

Voices Behind the Partnership

- Marc Will, Managing Director of Intertours, emphasizes the commitment to innovation and customer service: "With 'Intertours Pay,' we provide a solution that simplifies business travel payments worldwide while putting the needs of travelers at the forefront."

- Malte Rau, CEO of Pliant, underscores the importance of the new standards: "'Intertours Pay' combines our advanced technology with Intertours' comprehensive expertise to create a user-friendly, secure, and digital payment solution."

- Florian Thiel, Head of Partnerships at Pliant, highlights the collaborative approach: "The introduction of 'Intertours Pay' demonstrates how through our Cards-as-a-Service solution, we simplify business travel expenses worldwide while always prioritizing customer needs."

This partnership between Pliant and Intertours demonstrates how collaboration and innovation can optimize and enhance business travel management to provide companies and travelers with a seamless experience. "Intertours Pay" serves as an example of the future of business travel payments and sets new standards in the industry.

Mara Münzing
Communication Lead

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