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Driving profitability: Increasing margins with cashback on marketing expenses

Marketing agencies’ expenses can climb high. Digital marketing campaigns especially tie up large sums. To keep their competitive edge and daily operations running smoothly, digital credit cards with high credit limits are an absolute must.

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Marketing agencies’ typical pain points concerning payments

  • Low credit limits and high fees: Low credit limits make it hard to keep up with ad spend and other costs, and high monthly or annual fees gnaw at profitability.

  • One physical credit card for the entire company: It's quite common for multiple companies to have only one corporate credit card, which is held by the CEO. This is a productivity drain. It makes the process cumbersome and vulnerable to security risks.

  • Unreliable fraud detection systems block payments and cards. Blocking a card because of suspicious payments can disrupt ongoing campaigns and cause critical delays. 

  • Irrelevant rewards programs. Many traditional banks might have a rewards program, but if it's not transparent or just earns travel miles, it won't do much to reduce overhead.

  • Issuing cards for different teams and collecting receipts is complex and time consuming.There's a reason some companies operate with just one CEO-owned credit card. Issuing individual cards to employees and ensuring that all transactions and receipts are properly recorded and stored is simply too complicated and time-consuming.

How Pliant's virtual corporate credit cards, with generous cashback, boost marketing agencies’ efficiency and ROAS

High credit limits: Increased purchasing power and easy invoicing

Pliant credit cards offer high credit limits. They're ideal for frequent transactions as well as larger one-time payments. Our state-of-the-art technology streamlines expense tracking and allocation with virtual cards that you can assign to individual projects and campaigns for easy invoicing.

More flexibility with virtual credit cards and quick onboarding

Issue cards instantly to employees or assign virtual cards to different platforms or campaigns. If a card is blocked due to suspicious activity, it won't affect all of your campaigns. Pliant's digital onboarding with rapid KYC and credit checks makes the process quick and efficient.

Greater visibility and control over payments and spending 

You can set an individual spending limit for each employee card to ensure that you never go over the budget for a particular campaign or client. Real-time reporting lets you know exactly how much was spent and when, for better financial management.

Improved ROAS thanks to generous cashback on high spend 

Cashback rewards lower marketing costs and improved return on advertising spend (ROAS). With Pliant, you can redeem the accumulated cashback into your business bank account, further increasing profitability.

As one of our customers, Till Haakshorst, CEO of affiliate marketing agency We Love X, says: 

"By using Pliant's corporate credit card solution, we are able to permanently increase our ROAS without having to expend any significant effort."

Till Haakshorst, CEO We Love X

Learn more about We Love X’s experiences using Pliant credit cards and how they generated a five-figure sum in cashback.

Automated pre-accounting for recurring merchants

Pliant allows you to automate pre-accounting for recurring merchants, such as Google and Meta, where payments occur monthly. This streamlines your accounting processes and eliminates the need to enter the same data over and over again.

Smooth accounting with digital receipt capture

Employees can instantly save receipts with digital receipt capture. When it's time to close the books, all transaction data is readily available, simplifying financial reconciliation and reporting.

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