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Pliant and Klippa enter partnership that enables Klippa to issue its own business credit cards to its customers

Introducing a partnership that maximizes the advantages of Pliant’s credit cards and Klippa’s SpendControl tool.

Bryan Lee
Bryan Leeon

It’s essential for growing businesses to manage business payments effectively, from purchase to reconciliation. That’s why Pliant has partnered with Klippa to combine the capabilities of a best-in-class credit card solution with a powerful pre-accounting tool – both featuring a high degree of digitalization and automation that’s essential for a company’s finance stack.

The Power of Pliant

With Pliant’s credit card solution, companies can issue and manage physical and virtual cards to meet all their business payment needs. Pliant’s visa credit cards are accepted globally, and companies can get high credit limits with a high number of possible transactions per card. They can also manage all card activity in a single dashboard including card-level controls, approval flows, and transaction monitoring.

Using Pliant through Klippa

Klippa already offers a powerful, user-friendly pre-accounting solution that effectively processes travel and business expenses, purchase invoices and credit card transactions. The system sends submitted data to authorized personnel and can automatically approve it based on smart business rules. Through Pliant, Klippa can issue their own cards directly to their customers to seamlessly connect all the steps from purchase to reconciliation. Plus, the onboarding process remains completely digital, without having to visit a bank or open a new separate bank account.

Whether it’s for booking business travel, managing digital marketing campaigns, procuring software subscriptions, or any number of business expenses, companies can pay directly with Klippa’s business expense cards powered by Pliant. That means employees don’t have to incur out-of-pocket costs and they can upload receipts conveniently. Finance managers and administrators don’t have to worry about cards being used over budget or expenses going missing.

Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Head of Marketing

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