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5 Ways eCommerce businesses can leverage cashback and virtual credit cards

When it comes to payments and business expenses, e-commerce operators face unique challenges. Debit cards can’t keep up with frequent transactions? Credit limit runs out, right when your digital marketing campaign is starting to gain traction? Corporate credit cards with high limits and generous cashback rewards can make your life easier.

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Ecommerce benefits from virtual credit cards with generous cashback

5 benefits of virtual credit cards and cashback for e-commerce

Most businesses have a credit card. The chances are, it’s just the first card offered by the bank where the company’s business account is. But it pays off to put a bit more thought into choosing the best possible credit card for your business – quite literally, thanks to cashback.

Here are a few reasons why e-commerce in particular benefits from corporate credit cards with high credit limits and generous cashback.

1. High credit limits keep operations running smoothly

When expenses are high, you need a credit limit to match. Businesses can't afford to have a Google ads campaign stop due to their company card reaching their limit. Slow or inconvenient payment processes should never hinder your operations and growth. At Pliant, we estimate every customer’s creditworthiness case by case. If your business needs a high credit limit, we can provide it.

2. Get rewarded for high spending

High spending adds up to big numbers in cashback rewards. With Pliant, you can redeem it in cash to your company bank account. Use it to lower costs, or invest it in more ad spend (and consequently, more sales).

3. Virtual cards can handle high transaction volumes

Virtual credit cards offer higher transaction volume than traditional banks and cards. With Pliant’s credit card solution, virtual cards are included in the plan. Create new virtual cards as you need with just a few clicks.

For e-commerce, virtual credit cards have many benefits. They are so convenient and easy to issue and use that you can create a dedicated virtual card, for example, for different suppliers or ad platforms.

4. It’s a real credit card

For some business expenses, a credit card is a must. Ad platforms and SaaS providers may require a company credit card as a payment method. Pliant corporate credit cards are just that: real credit cards, not debit or prepaid cards.

5. Virtual credit cards for individual projects, enhanced security, and easy invoicing

You can issue cards to employees on the fly or assign virtual cards to different platforms or campaigns. If you notice any suspicious activity on one of your accounts, you can put that card on hold without having to worry that your campaigns will be affected. And with automated pre-accounting for recurring monthly subscriptions like Google or Meta, cumbersome invoicing is a thing of the past.

Pliant virtual and physical credit cards
Pliant credit cards keep up with spending and reward it with cashback

Every e-commerce operator needs a corporate credit card. While there are many options available in the market, one thing to consider when choosing a credit card is the cashback program. With a high card spend, it can add up to significant numbers.

And the best part is, with Pliant you can actually redeem the cashback in cash. Not airline miles, bonus points, or discounts at selected retailers. Instead, cash straight into your business bank account.

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