Hoiman Tang, CFO of Auntie

“With Pliant we can now issue cards to employees all over Europe.”

Hoiman Tang is the CFO of Auntie, a growth company from Finland that provides mental health support services. In this article, he shares why they switched to Pliant as a digital credit card solution that helps them grow internationally.

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Auntie provides preventative support for mental health that helps employees handle challenges related to stress and motivation before they become overwhelming. Measurable results can be achieved with conceptualized, quick-to-start service packages based on online one-to-one sessions with a qualified mental health professional, an Auntie Professional. Auntie has over 120 mental health professionals who provide services together in 25 languages. Their services are used by over 500 organizations, ranging from small expert companies to major global corporations and public-sector organizations, in the Nordics and Europe.

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Auntie has been the first choice for more than 500 customers when it comes to mental health support.

Benefits of using Pliant

  • Finnish-speaking support for a seamless onboarding

  • Digital credit card solution to issue cards and manage receipts

  • Physical and virtual credit cards for all employees in Finland or living abroad

  • KYC/KYB based on the company level instead of the personal level of a cardholder

Challenge: Credit cards that tick all the boxes

Credit cards in general are the preferred payment method for Auntie because they offer quick payments and flexible usage. But as a CFO, Hoiman Tang also wanted to solve some pain points with a new credit card solution: “In the accounting department we have to deal with missing receipts, balancing the cash flow, and keeping control of spending.”

Before working with Pliant, Auntie already used a different card provider to pay for digital marketing spend on LinkedIn, Meta or Google Ads and SaaS procurement. However, the previous credit card solution did not support all the countries they needed.

As a multinational company, Auntie wanted a solution that could serve their needs in all the countries they operate in.

Solution: Finnish credit cards for international usage

The Finnish-speaking Account Manager from Pliant guided Hoiman Tang and his team through the onboarding process and helped to customize the credit card solution to their needs. “I got good support especially related to managing the cost centers. In general, I am very happy with our current Key Account Manager,” says the CFO.

With Pliant, they can now use virtual single-use cards and issue cards in a more flexible way. Also, managing receipts is now effortless. “Cardholders can take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the Pliant mobile app immediately after the purchase or use the receipt inbox and auto-wire the receipt through that. At the end of the month, every transaction should have a receipt. Otherwise, reminders are sent during the monthly closing”, explains Hoiman Tang.

"For me as the CFO of Auntie, the most important functions of Pliant are scalable management of all credit card transactions, including cost centers, accounting allocations, and expense monitoring and management."

Hoiman Tang, CFO of Auntie

Outcome: Flexible card issuing all over the world

Auntie can now issue physical and virtual credit cards to all employees in Finland or living abroad. It is also possible for Auntie to onboard their other entities within the EMEA.

"We now have more flexibility on card issuing to employees in the Nordics and all over the world, because Pliant does the KYC/KYB based on the company ID instead of the personal ID of a cardholder. Therefore it meets the requirements of a multinational company like Auntie."

Hoiman Tang, CFO of Auntie

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