Tilman Au, CEO der Digitalagentur diva-e

“Pliant adapts to our needs. No need to migrate to new systems.”

Tilman AU, CEO of the digital agency diva-e, had been on the lookout for a corporate credit card for his company for a long time but no traditional bank could offer him virtual credit cards that would fit into his existing corporate structure. Pliant provided the solution he was looking for.


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diva-e is a Transactional Experience Partner (TXP). It's one of the leading providers of digital solutions for companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The agency creates digital experiences that delight customers, accelerate business growth, and simplify internal processes. Many well-known companies like Edeka, Volkswagen, and PayPal trust diva-e's expertise. Tilman Au, who has been CEO of the digital agency for about five years, was looking for a modern corporate credit card. The agency has around 800 employees at 12 locations across Germany, resulting in complex corporate structures, which cannot be easily modified by other systems and software solutions. However, this is exactly what most traditional corporate credit card providers require, making the search for a perfect solution particularly difficult.

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Benefits of using Pliant

  • Virtual credit cards with individual limits that are immediately available for employees

  • Flexible credit card solution that integrates into existing finance and accounting software

  • Real Visa credit cards instead of debit or prepaid cards

Challenge: Finding corporate credit cards that fit the company structure

While searching for a suitable corporate credit card, the CEO initially turned to offers by regular house banks with limited success. “I searched for virtual credit cards from traditional banks that can be quickly made online and assigned to employees. They do not offer such a product though,” Tilman Au says about his first failed search.

“Plus, the newer providers are also quite inflexible when it comes to adjusting credit limits, issuing cards to employees and, finally, integrating with existing software solutions. I did not want to introduce a travel expense solution or anything like that at the same time as I wanted a credit card that would adapt to our corporate structure. With traditional banks, it was the other way around: We had to adapt to the software solutions and systems of the credit card. This is virtually impossible for us as a company," says Tilman Au.

Solution: Fast virtual card allocation with Pliant

At the suggestion of a business partner, Tilman Au learned about Pliant's corporate credit cards. After a short trial period, the CEO is now enjoying the benefits of virtual one-click credit card allocation. Instead of a few selected people managing the physical credit cards, every employee who needs a credit card from time to time now gets their own virtual card with an individual limit," said Au. 

This transition has one big advantage: The virtual credit cards can no longer be lost as easily as the physical cards from conventional banks. Moreover, the CEO can look forward to further benefits: ‘Once traveling is possible again after Covid with less restrictions, I will receive free lounge access at airports as a black Visa Infinite business credit card user.’

Outcome: Pliant integrates smoothly into existing business processes

Pliant's credit cards easily integrate with all major software solutions. Another advantage is that they are real credit cards. "Often, banks and digital-only banks offered me debit or prepaid cards. For the latter, you had to load money. That would have been a lot of work considering the number of credit cards we have to issue," says Au.

"Whether we are tracking travel expenses, collecting receipts, or integrating a credit card into our accounting system, Pliant adapts to our structures and needs. With Pliant, there is no need to migrate to new systems, as is the case with many of the mainstream banks' offerings."

Tilman Au, CEO of diva-e

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