"Scholarbook saves up to 3.4% on foreign currency transactions."

Thomas Bojanowski is the Co-founder of Scholarbook, one of the leading athletic scholarship agencies in the United States. Bojanowski was looking for a corporate credit card with no foreign transaction fees because many company expenses are paid in U.S. dollars but he found that most banks charge a 2-3% foreign transaction fee. No matter which bank he checked, he found that the fees did not vary much. Only Pliant allowed him to pay at the official VISA exchange rate, plus cashback.


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With more than ten years of experience, Scholarbook is a German recruiting agency for sports scholarships at American universities. The recruiting agency significantly increases the chances of athletes to receive a scholarship in the USA and thus benefit from the best possible funding. Scholarbook has been able to arrange scholarships for more than 3,000 athletes.

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Benefits of using Pliant

  • No surcharge (0 percent) on the official VISA exchange rate

  • No additional fees

  • 0.4 percent cash back on US dollar spending, regardless of payment frequency and unlimited

Challenge: Most local banks charge high foreign transaction fees

A credit card can be very expensive for companies that pay many expenses in foreign currency. After all, most banks tend to surcharge a significant percentage for doing so. For this reason, the CEO of Scholarbook was looking for a credit card with the lowest possible foreign transaction fees.

"I was unable to find a bank that charged less than two percent for foreign currency payments. This may sound like a small amount, but when you consider that Scholarbook spends in US dollars, it adds up. It is a significant cost factor to pay foreign transaction fees in this range over and over again."

Thomas Bojanowski, Co-founder of Scholarbook

Solution: Scholarbook saves on foreign transaction fees by using Pliant

With Pliant's modern, virtual corporate credit card, overseas transaction fees suddenly began to look very different to local banks. 

Pliant doesn’t charge these fees.

"Instead of charging a foreign transaction fee, Pliant offered me 0.42 percent cashback on my US dollar spending, unlike the offers from Sparkasse, Deutsche Bank, etc. This means that not only do I not pay foreign transaction fees, but I also get money back!"

Thomas Bojanowski, Co-founder of Scholarbook

Outcome: Up to 3.4% savings on foreign exchange transactions

Now, whenever Bojanowski uses his Pliant credit card to make a payment in US dollars, the official VISA exchange rate applies, with no additional fees or commissions.

"I save 2.42 and even up to 3.4 percent in fees with Pliant's cash back on foreign currency expenses, which is absolutely unique among all the credit cards I have compared. It is a real plus for Scholarbook!"

Thomas Bojanowski, Co-founder of Scholarbook

Get fair exchange rates with Pliant

Do you often pay expenses in foreign currencies? It's not uncommon.

This is particularly true for software such as Atlassian, Amazon Web Services, and cloud solutions.

With the exchange rate calculator, you can easily find out for yourself what the exchange rates are that Pliant uses for transactions in foreign currencies. Please keep in mind that exchange rates can fluctuate on a daily basis.

More on this topic: Pliant’s exchange rate calculator

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