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“It used to take weeks to get new credit cards ready for use. Now it takes minutes.”

Dennis Ramaty, Founder of Sportissimi, shares his experience using Pliant and explains why everyone at Sportissimi uses virtual cards to pay online.

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At one point, Sportissimi's only credit card belonged to founder Dennis Ramaty and it had to be used for multiple transactions. After integrating Pliant into the company's existing processes, a number of employees have their own virtual credit cards, greatly increasing the visibility and speed of employee spending. Pliant's virtual corporate cards are available with just a few clicks, and don't require applying for new cards at the bank and waiting for weeks. Sportissimi has greatly benefited from the time savings and flexibility.

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Benefits of using Pliant:

  • Faster transactions through time-saving card management

  • High flexibility through seamless integration with existing workflows

  • Virtual corporate credit cards available in minutes without bank visits and long waits

  • Employee request and approval processes initiated with a single click

Challenge: Lack of transparency and speed in transactions

Sportissimi is an online sports equipment and apparel retailer with an ever-growing selection of more than 100,000 products. Customers browse and order products daily. As his business grew, Dennis Ramaty noticed that his corporate credit card was constantly changing hands. Payments were delayed, and a lack of visibility made it difficult to manage expenses.

Solution: Introduction of virtual credit cards for all employees

Thanks to Pliant, Sportissimi has a completely digital system for managing its cards. Ramaty has an instant overview of his staff's expenses. Describing his experience with the Pliant app, the CEO says, "This makes me feel good and secure in my day-to-day business.” The benefits of virtual credit cards were particularly compelling. With the Pliant Standard plan, he can create unlimited cards that are instantly available with just a few clicks. 

“I could also have physical credit cards mailed to me within two to three business days. However, this was only necessary in one case. The speed and ease of use were also convincing,” he added.

Outcome: Pliant is used by all employees and saves a lot of time 

Pliant's digital credit card solution integrated seamlessly into daily operations. Since 2021, Sportissimi employees have been using Pliant's virtual credit cards instead of one corporate credit card for everyone. When needed, a new virtual credit card is created and ready for issuance with just a few clicks in the Pliant app.

"There has been an incredible amount of time savings since our implementation of Pliant. It used to take weeks to request new cards for my employees. Now it takes less than a minute to request and process."

Dennis Ramaty, CEO of Sportissimi

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