Tobias Wiest, Head of Finance Usercentrics

“Pliant has the highest cash backs on the market among all corporate credit cards.”

It took Tobias Wiest a long time to find a corporate card that met his needs. Despite his high expenses, most banks offer only travel miles or no cashback at all. Read more about how this Chief Business Officer is earning up to 5 percent back on his spending with Pliant's corporate credit cards.


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Tobias Wiest is Chief Business Officer at Usercentrics. The company offers a Consent Management Platform (CMP). With this software, Usercentrics helps its customers to comply with GDPR. The platform makes it possible to obtain users' consent for processing their data and to inform them about how and why their data is going to be processed. The benefits are clear: the software ensures full data protection compliance across all digital channels, providing legal certainty. No wonder the software is in high demand. As the company grew, so did the startup's expenses. To help cover some of those expenses, Wiest looked for a flexible, digital credit card with the highest possible cash back. Unfortunately, his search was unsuccessful for a long time.

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Benefits of using Pliant

  • High limits for flexibility

  • Cashback ensures savings

  • Clear user interface

Challenge: Only a few corporate credit cards offer cashback

Many corporate credit cards don't offer something that is standard for consumers: cashback. With this service, a percentage of the transaction value gets refunded. Unfortunately, many business owners miss out on this type of reimbursement with corporate credit cards.

"After doing a lot of research online, I found that there were very few corporate credit cards with rebates, and when there were, the rebates were very low. Given Usercentrics' large expenses for marketing applications, cloud software solutions, hardware, etc., it was almost impossible to get reimbursed," he said. He was also unhappy with the fact that applying for a personalized corporate credit card was very complicated - sometimes it had to be done by mail. With the company's day-to-day operations, there was not enough time. As a result, Wiest and his staff used only one physical corporate credit card for the entire company. This old-fashioned corporate credit card made my work and the work of my employees unnecessarily difficult for a long time," says the CBO.

Solution: Pliant's corporate credit card offers generous cashback and high limits.

Wiest found Pliant through a business friend after his unsuccessful search for a corporate credit card. With this fintech, the allocation of cards with individual limits to employees is possible at the push of a button. The application is done online with just a few clicks. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. Pliant's user interface is clear and not full of buttons like many other providers," says Wiest. Usercentrics now has a transparent view of its finances thanks to real-time charge reports for individual employees and the simplified collection of receipts for each transaction.

And the best part? The spending limits are finally high enough to use the credit card in a flexible way, and I benefit from immediate savings through high cashback," says the CFO. With Pliant, the company continues to save money.

Outcome: Pliant is comparably the best corporate credit card for price-conscious consumers

Wiest's high expenses are finally paying off since he began using Pliant's business credit cards at Usercentrics. The inexpensive ‘Light’ plan was also a key consideration for the CBO. “This is a good way to get a head start on testing Pliant with no strings attached," says Wiest.

"Pliant has the highest cashbacks of any corporate credit card on the market. This makes Pliant's high limits and best outbound exchange rates unbeatable."

Tobias Wiest, Chief Business Officer of Usercentrics

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