Pliant x BAS: An all-in-one solution for file and payment management

Pliant x BAS: An all-in-one solution for file and payment management

As a travel agency you can integrate Pliant’s payment platform directly into BAS’s file administration system.

Benefits of integrating Pliant and BAS

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    Paying the supplier without leaving BAS

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    Improved security and compliance for payments

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    Easier card payments without 3DS

Time-saving payments with Pliant and BAS Fadiro

Time-saving payments

  • Enhanced operational efficiency for travel companies

  • Download card statements anytime for easy reconciliation

  • Automation of repetitive accounting tasks

  • State of the art Virtual Credit Card solution

  • Pliant dashboard to control all transactions

Pliant and Fadiro solve common pain points

Pliant and Fadiro solve common pain points

BAS provides a cloud-based file administration system for travel agencies affiliated with ANVR. Together with Pliant, they offer a module for credit card payments to perfectly complement their software. The combined solution erases manual steps in the travel booking process which leads to fewer errors and a more secure process overall.

Grow your margins with VCCs from Pliant

Grow your margins with VCCs from Pliant

VCCs can be issued with just two clicks and contribute to higher profit margins by providing cashback incentives and empowering businesses to optimize their expenditure returns. Additionally, Pliant’s travel payment solution facilitates greater access to operational funds with its high credit limits and flexible repayment options.

Pliant x BAS Fadiro Integration

How the integration works

With the BAS Module it is possible to synchronize the virtual credit cards from Pliant with BAS – you can simply create a VCC for each transaction in BAS without a separate Pliant account. As a travel agent you can request a new card directly linked to the dossier you are working with. Add a required card limit and a description for the transaction. You will then be shown all the relevant card details to make the payment. There is no need to copy and paste card details outside of BAS anymore.

Combine Pliant with BAS by Fadiro

Combine Pliant with BAS by Fadiro

Become a Pliant customer and activate the module in the BAS administration system to increase your operational efficiency. Contact us to find out more about how Pliant is perfect for companies in the travel industry.

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