Pay business travel expenses with Pliant cards

Automate travel policy compliance with smart card controls

Every employee knows the hurdles of manual reimbursement processes for business travel. On the other hand, enforcing travel policies and budgets can be a taxing task for the finance team. Pliant offers a digital credit card solution that helps you to control all spendings seamlessly without paperwork. Request a higher limit for unexpected additional expenses in the mobile app or submit your receipts in one step. With Pliant, Managers are able to track travel budgets in real-time and can update card controls anytime to react fast.

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Control credit cards with Pliant
  • Enforcing business travel policies and budgets increases the manual workload of the finance team.

  • Now with a single click in the Pliant app, card control features such as per-transaction, per-period and total spend limits or permitted payment categories are assigned and updated for each card.

Track every transaction in a single dashboard

Real-time finance data is required to maintain oversight while empowering teams to manage their budgets autonomously. With Pliant, you gain real-time visibility of every card transaction in the Pliant app and get detailed information to ensure accurate decision-making and cost control.

Transactions view in Pliant web app dashboard
  • Collect missing receipts with Pliant mobile app

    Submit receipts along the way or via email

    The days of traditional receipt collection were cumbersome and involved a lot of paperwork for the traveler and the finance department. Submit every receipt in one step, whichever way you prefer. Take a picture on your phone, drag and drop in your browser, or forward an email to a dedicated receipt inbox that matches receipts to transactions using machine learning.

  • Pliant mobile app notifying about missing receipts

    Track down missing receipts

    Allowing employees to pay on their own can cause an increase in manual effort and the risk of errors for accounting. Pliant simplifies receipt collection and automates pre-accounting processes. Accountants can see missing receipts and automatically send out regular reminders to submit them.

How do you pay for business travel with Pliant?

Benefit from our best-in-class solution in 4 simple steps.

  • Pliant credit card icon


    virtual cards for each service provider with a single tap.

  • Register to Pliant


    your card as payment method at the merchant.

  • Receipt approval check icon


    your receipts in the Pliant app or via email.

  • Pliant spending tracking icon


    all your card spending in real time and control each transaction immediately.

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