Pliant x Candis

Pliant x Candis: Integration for automated invoice processing

Efficient tools and their automation make digital accounting possible. Pliant and Candis offer ideal software solutions for companies, which are even better when integrated.

Benefits of integrating Pliant and Candis

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    No more chasing invoices

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    Real-time transaction and invoice tracking

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    Clear processes for invoices and transactions

Benefits of the Pliant x Candis integration

Digitize your invoice management

  • Enable integration with a few clicks

  • Link invoices and transactions

  • Export to your accounting system after preliminary posting

  • Upload, approve and export invoices from anywhere

  • 10 year GoBD compliant archive


Review, approve & pay invoices in one place

Candis is your one-stop shop for invoices. With just a few mouse clicks, you can automate manual financial processes such as the receipt of invoices or the entry of data. Candis also allows you to define your own rules for approving invoices. Then you can export your data to systems such as DATEV, SAP Business or Sage.

Export your Transactions from Pliant to Candis

Automatically submit card transactions to Candis

Benefit from real-time, error-free data transfer by synchronizing Pliant with Candis. All of your physical and virtual credit card transactions are immediately visible in the Pliant application and can be exported to Candis via our API to save you time.

Activate the integration between Candis and Pliant

Combine Pliant with Candis

You can connect Pliant and Candis in the Pliant application under Settings - Integrations - Candis if you already use both tools. A click on the connect button will start the initial connection. If you are new to Candis, please contact support to learn more.

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