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Effortless expense management meets seamless payments with Pliant and Mobilexpense

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Mobilexpense, the European tech group headquartered in Brussels, specializing in streamlining expense management for enterprises and SMEs alike.

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Pliant leading the way in business payments

Pliant has established itself as the preferred choice for business payments, serving over 2,000 companies across Europe with its best-in-class credit card solution. With a commitment to excellence and efficiency, Pliant has consistently delivered streamlined financial processes to its clients.

Mobilexpense simplifying expense management

Mobilexpense shares the same commitment to efficiency but focuses on simplifying expense management for both large multinationals and SMEs. Their suite of products, offering unparalleled compliance in 70 countries, reflects their dedication to improving cost-effectiveness and workforce satisfaction.

"Mobilexpense is committed to simplifying the expense management journey, making it not only cost-effective for the CFO and at the same time user-friendly for the employee" says Thibaud De Keyzer, CEO of Mobilexpense. "Our suite of solutions process over €2 billion in expensees per year, providing up to 65% savings to local European businesses and global enterprises. With Pliant’s integrated credit card solution we take the next evolutionary step of expense management, empowering  businesses to regain control over their expenses."

Thibaud De Keyzer, CEO of Mobilexpense

A powerful integration for streamlined operations

The cornerstone of this partnership is the integration of Pliant's credit card services into the Mobilexpense application. Mobilexpense customers will now experience an embedded solution that seamlessly incorporates Pliant's credit card features directly into their workflow.

Unlocking the full spectrum of features

Through Mobilexpense's decision to fully embed Pliant's capabilities via Pliant's API, customers and employees will gain access to a comprehensive set of features, including:

  • Effortless cardholder management: Easily create and manage cardholders.

  • Instant card issuance: Lock, unlock, replace, or issue cards instantly.

  • Customized limits: Adjust card limits and frequency in real time.

  • Real-time transaction monitoring: See every transaction as it happens and make timely decisions.

  • Seamless receipt management: Access and upload receipts with ease.

  • Granular card controls: Implement spending restrictions by merchant, spending category, and more.

Empowering Businesses for Growth

"We are excited about the value this partnership brings to Mobilexpense’s customers. The embedded API empowers Mobilexpense users to harness the full potential of Pliant's card features within their expense management workflows. It's about simplifying complex processes."

Florian Thiel, Head of Partnerships

This partnership underscores Pliant's commitment to innovation and efficiency in business payments. By fully embedding Pliant's features and services within Mobilexpense's application, both companies are making significant strides in redefining the expense management landscape, offering real-time visibility, spending control, and enhanced financial management to customers.

Mara Münzing
Communication Lead

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